Our roots come from what our families have planted within us.  Being one of 27 grandchildren, Chris spent many hours with his “nana” in her kitchen, learning how to respect what goes on in the kitchen and the role that food plays in your most personal relationships.  “All the times when we came together as a family and prepared the food for that occasion – the energy and love embraced us, right there in that room.  I try to re-create that feeling every time I set foot in my professional kitchen.  It’s a feeling of “thanksgiving”, knowing you are being taken care of and appreciated.”

Chris’ culinary journey started in his nana’s humble kitchen but traveled through Europe, Philadelphia and New York City where he developed his repertoire of flavors and techniques.  He has cooked for some of the world’s top dignitaries including Tony Blair and Nelson Mandela while Executive Chef of CNN.  With the Mercy Chefs team, he prepared meals for President Obama’s second inauguration and provided crisis relief for thousands in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.   He participated in two James Beard House events and appeared on Food Network’s Chopped.  Now, he’s bringing his experiences back home to his roots, recreating the flavors of his family legacy to share with the next generation.